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First let’s cover what GRIP Dynamics LLC is and how we can grow your business together…

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Identify what needs to change. Survey the organization or individuals to gauge and understand the current state of operations. It is significant to clarify the “Why’ the change is necessary. Comprehend the logistics on why the change would benefit the client. Guarantee that there is a strong collaboration with top management and key personell during the process.


Data collection can be done by a variety of methods that includes face-to-face interviews, surveys, focus groups, observation and evaluation. Analyze the data that is collected from organization’s leadership and employees to obtain valuable insight on the organization’s culture and perspectives. Begin priming for changes through transparency and communication for least resistance within the organization. 


Time and communication are the two keys elements for the changes to occur successfully. People require time to understand the changes, and they also must feel connected to the organization throughout the transition period. When you are managing this process, time, effort and hands-on management is usually the best approach to stay connected and produce sustainable outcomes.


Intentional outcome occurs when organizational culture changes are taking shape and people have embraced the new ways of operating. Making visible the changes that are being made through updated description of changes shared in common areas or digitally are essential to keep people engaged. This means making sure that the changes are frequently implemented, and that they are incorporated into everyday business. With a new sense of stability, employees feel confident and comfortable with the new ways of working. As part of the process, celebrate and reward the success of the change – this helps people to find closure, thanks them for embracing the transitions, and encourages that future changes will be successful.

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