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Kurt Lewin Change Model

Performance Consulting Project

I set my ideals based on the principle of unfreeze-change-refreeze that is derived from Lewin’s Change Model. This inspired me to come up with the idea of GRIP: gauge, reflect, improve, and perform. This easy-to-remember idea embodies the idea of assessing strengths and areas to improve, settling on changes, and implementing them. Together, they form GRIP, which is meant to invoke the idea that you are in control of the change, and is something to be embraced.

In implementing my change model, I did a consultation with Noni West, and entered a working agreement to determine if Certified Recovery Specialists were applying optimal services for their participants. Such specialists assist people who are striving to undergo the recovery process to move beyond addictive behaviors. There is a significant demand for these specialists, and they are needed in the local community.

The ultimate goal of consulting with Certified Recovery Specialists was in the proper and adequate training of specialists to meet the participant’s needs. Assessments were made by myself on how such services could effectively be evaluated. Additionally, I interviewed and consulted with specialists, trainers and supervisors to obtain feedback from people currently working in that profession. This project resulted in a written report and a powerpoint presentation. Ultimately the goal was to highlight the successful outcomes and where improvements could be made to optimize Certified Recovery Specialist services in the field.



Identify what needs to change. Survey the organization or individuals to gauge and understand the current state of operations.


Data collection can be done by a variety of methods that includes face-to-face interviews, surveys, focus groups, observation and evaluation.


Time and communication are the two keys to the changes occurring successfully. People require time to understand the changes, and


Intentional outcome occurs when organizational culture changes are taking shape and people have embraced the new ways of operating.

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